15 Easy tips to Educate your dog at home

Many people wonder how to educate our dog correctly but nobody knows how to do it very well. It is a very necessary process but few people give it importance. In addition, there are certain breeds of dogs such as bulldog, pit bull or doberman in which there are many prejudices but that the problem is not in the breed itself, but of the people who educate it. That is, it is not that there are good and bad breeds, but masters who do not know how to educate their pets well.

How to educate our dog well?

Some of the advice we can give to educate our dog well are for example.

– Have fun with our dog: it is one of the most important things to do but that very few people give it importance. The fact that your pet feels that you are getting bored or that the owner shows no interest is silly but that may seem vital to our pet. For this same reason, we recommend that you try to play as long as possible with your dog so that it feels important and loved by its owners.

– Use positive reinforcement. It is always more important to have a positive and kind attitude towards our pet than not using violence and ignorance in many cases. Give congratulations and rewards to your dog when he does things right.

– Mark some simple guidelines to be at home. Give your dog some easy to understand indications that are not very complicated.

– Teach the dog basic orders such as staying still or sitting.

– Walk properly with your dog. One thing as simple as the dog staying by your side and not crossing you is an attitude that very few people give it importance but should not be. When the dog does not meet these two conditions, the ideal way for him to understand that he is doing things wrong is to stop and wait for him to calm down.

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